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Vol. XII • 1990

Guest Editorial - Liberty On The Line:
Precious Freedom Threatened

Harry Conn

Freedom or liberty (the power of choice) exist in proportion to a healthy restraint. Freedom without restraint leads to license and license to bondage. Bondage then evaporates freedom. In other words, freedom must be guarded and cultivated. It doesn't exist in an intellectual vacuum or a mindless undisciplined gratification of the senses or flesh.

Freedom is not a password for self-indulgence, self-gratification, or even self-fulfillment. Freedom means self-government, and self-government means self-discipline. self-respect and self-control. Responsibility is essential to freedom. A responsible person is one who is able to think and act rationally and is therefore accountable for his behavior. Edmund Burke said, "If we don't curb, control and discipline our appetites, desires and passions from within, we are increasingly being controlled from without.' Man's appetites. desires and extravagances forge his fetters. Christian discipline is the influence that enables us to do what is right without orders or supervision. Christ by his life, teaching, influence, death and resurrection came to set the prisoners free to pursue lives of devotion, gratitude, service and discipline. Grace isn't the right to do as we please but a divine enablement, presence, and influence to do what we ought to do.

"Liberty On The Line: Precious Freedom Threatened"
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