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Vol. XI • 1989

The Province of Science
Diane Powell

Regardless of the usefulness of the scientific method in helping us to understand the natural laws which govern the universe, it cannot be used to deal directly with the event of the origin of the universe, whether by creation or by evolution. It also cannot deal directly with the person of God. The event ot creation/evolution is outside the province of science because no one was there to observe it, and because it is non-repeatable. In order to pursue a matter scientifically, man must have control, something he does not have over the event of origin, and certainly not over God Man only appears foolish when he attempts to dec scientifically with the person of God. For example, the Russian cosmonaut circling the earth claimed that there must not be a God because he didn't see him. However, the Word itself clearly states that "No man at any time has seen God," that "God is a Spirit," and that He is "invisible" (I John 4:12; John 4:24; and Col. 1:15).

However, what we can do is to construct models, one for creation, based on what the Scriptures tell us about such things as the distinctiveness of kinds and the Flood, and one for evolution based on the theories of scientists We can then compare the evidence we have with each of these models. In the final analysis, science by its own method can never prove a negative in any case, but can only demonstrate the probability of an occurrence. It is impossible for finite man to prove God exists, out it is also impossible to disprove His existence.

A number of scientists agree that it is not possible to have empirical evidence on origins and that this is an area which must be taken on faith Outstanding scientists such as Dr. L. L. Woodruff, Professor of Biology at Yale, have made the point that biologists are simply "unable to obtain empirical evidence of any of the crucial questions relating to the origin of life on the earth."1 A leading evolutionist, Thomas H. Huxley, also admitted the limitations of science with regard to the subject of origins: "It appears to me that the scientific investigator is wholly incompetent to say anything at all about the first origin of the material universe."2 In the end, questions regarding origins must be answered by faith. but it is faith in the evidence rather than a blind irrational faith,

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"The Province of Science"
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