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Vol. XI • 1989

Parable: The New Age Creates Perfect God,
Let Us Make God In Our Own Image

J. C. Vorfeld

And behold, the Intellectual Hierarchy of the World (IHW) bestowed upon the Quantum Earth Committee (QEC) an awesome assignment: responsibility for design of the Ultimate Syncretistic Deity (USD), a state-of-the-art God for the New Age. QEC ordained a global network of esoteric quality circles/task teams to establish parameters for the USD. And it came to pass, after forty days and forty nights of brainstorming, force-field analysis, and research, recommendations were finalized and presented to QEC.

Now on the forty-first day, QEC met with IHW; they decreed that the schematic was suitable — subject to acceptance by the Quantum Quality Control Circle (QQCC). After intense inspection and dialogue, QQCC gave its Seal of Approval, whereupon a revolutionary news conference was held. Esteemed members of the World Press Consortium (WPC) were summoned to IHW Headquarters in New York City.

Somberly, individuals entered the dusky conference room. In the beginning the Chairperson said, "Let there be light." And there was light. As the caucus ended, WPC personnel rushed out to transmit news of the upcoming paradigm shift. Within an hour, the entire global population had been advised that they would soon have a perfect God... one who would meet the religious requirements of every human being, whether Atheist, Agnostic, Antichrist, Bhagwanist, Buddhist, Hindu, Humanist, Monist, Muslim, Non-theist, Pantheist, Polytheist, Satanist, Spiritualist, Theosophist, Transcendentalist, or Zoroastrian!

The following is a synopsis of the official INW/QEC/QQCC press release:

Verily, the bionic blueprints were telecopied to the Chief Director of Global Physiopsychopneumagenetic-engineering Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, with instructions to complete the project in six days. And it came to pass at the end of the sixth day, the Chief Director exclaimed, "It is finished."

And behold, Man looked at the god of His creation and stated, "it is very good, as long as it obeys orders. For lo, it would not exist but for the grace of Mankind." Selah.

"Parable: The New Age Creates Perfect God, Let Us Make God In Our Own Image"
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