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Vol. VI • 1983

Don't Be Intimidated by Accusations of Bias
Paul A. Bartz

Christians are often told that they should not let their religious bias influence certain parts of their lives. Bias in science is said to be especially bad. We also hear that we should not insist on legislating our religious moral biases into law. Have you ever noticed that the "unbiased" conclusion always seems to be anti-God and contrary to Scripture?

Consider evolution and the moral values which are rooted in evolution and a denial of God as our Creator. Scientists who are creationists are constantly faulted for being biased and trying to impose their religious beliefs on science. The result is that the bias of evolution rules the scientific world to the point that qualified scientists whose only sin is being creationist are discriminated against.

It is clearly not a matter of a biased position versus a non-biased position. The same goes for morality. Christians who are pro-life are continually told that they shouldn't impose their religious values on the country through outlawing abortion. The result is that pro-abortion values are forced upon the pro-life person, even to the point where he must pay for the very abortions which he considers to be murder. It is not the biased against the unbiased - either way somebody's morality is forced upon someone else.

In the public school classroom the tenets of humanism have been imposed even upon Christian children in the name of avoiding religious bias. Yet secular humanism has even been defined as a religion of its own by the Supreme Court. Bias has not been avoided, just the bias toward Christianity.

The point is just this: Christians should not be intimidated into silence by the accusation that they are biased. Of course Christians are biased. Every human being is essentially religious, and even rocks have a bias - ifthe rock is moving it wants to keep moving, if it is at rest it wants to remain at rest. Scientists are not without bias. They have beliefs just like everyone else. Evolutionary scien- tists are no less biased than are creation scientists, and creation scientists are no more biased than are evolutionary scientists.

The path to open-mindedness does not lie in escaping bias. Open- mindedness begins when we realize our biases, evaluate them, and discover how they influence our conclusions. Christians must learn that bias, in and of itselt is neither good nor evil, it is simply there. The good or the evil lies in the content of the bias. Then, rather than being intimidated to silence by accusa- tions of bias, we will be able to be the salt that we have been called to be.

"Don't Be Intimidated by Accusations of Bias"
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