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Vol. IV • 1981

Racism and Origins
Paul Ellwanger

An alibi for racism is evolution speculation. Creationist scientists, on the other hand, do not need the race concept for making sense out of people differences on this planet. Races (over 25 of them) and stocks (as Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid) are inventions of evolutionary biologists and anthropologists. The many arbitrary races are subdivisions of stocks. As defined in World Book Encyclopedias: "A race is made up of people who have a fairly definite combination of distinguishing physical traits handed on from parents to children."

Creationist scientists recognize the "kind" as the basic people-unit, commonly referred to as mankind, while evolutionists allege that races evolved from lower to higher life forms. Scientists cannot make a distinction between the blood and cells of any of the alleged races, but such distinctions can be made between humans and animals.

The fabrication of races and stocks by evolutionists supports their unfounded speculations of natural selection, survival of the fittest and their explanation for physical differences between groups of people. But since intellect and individual capability would also have had to have evolved by the same process, the evolutionist teaching on stocks and races inescapably leads to racism, whether evolution-believing people like it or not, and that racism is being greatly intensified by the exclusive teaching of evolutionism throughout worldwide education and the media.  

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Striking differences are amplified and referenced between evolution-science and creation-science on racism and scientific aspects of origins in the light of both the evolution and the creation models, offering the world a scientifically plausible alternative to racism and its global divisiveness.  

"Racism and Origins"
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