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Vol. I • 1978


Dear Readers,

A Christian friend recently wrote me a letter asking some questions about my views on this and that. One of his questions had to do with my views regarding the issue of time and the age of the universe. His question reminded me of an incident that occurred a couple of years ago. Our local Bible-Science chapter had invited a well-known creation science speaker to come to Wichita. This particular speaker, though versed in many areas of the creation/evolution issue, is best known for his presentations of scientific evidence in support of a recent creation. As we conversed and moved from meeting to meeting I sensed rightly or wrongly a certain fear on his part that though I rejected evolution in general I might not "hold rank" with him on the age issue (I Chronicles 12.38). I sought to assure him then and I want to assure all our readers now that by God's grace I do intend to "hold rank" on that issue.

Although I state my conviction in this rather righteous tone I must confess that my conversion to the literal "creation week" position has more the character of Thomas' "Except I shall see.. .1 will not believe" (John 20.25) than of Esther's courageous..... if I perish, I perish" (Esther 4.16). That may be why I couched my answer to the letter's question in scientific rather than Scriptural terms. Here is what I wrote:

I am convinced on Scriptural and scientific grounds (let me here emphasize the latter) that our position is correct. I have studied that particular question more deeply than perhaps any other of the creationist arguments. This is perhaps because it is the most dramatic and controversial and where the potential for refuting the fundamentalist creation position is greatest. I have looked at the matter carefully and I must testify that the deeper I have dug the more solid the case for recent creation has seemed to me to become. I believe the scientific argument being put forth by the "creationist movement" is solid to the core. If I, with all my background and training and all the study I have put into this particular matter, am wrong in my assessment of the data in this one area, then I must say that my judgment and analysis of scientific evidence in all areas including psychology must be suspect. The case seems that clear to me. I sometimes say to my evolutionists colleagues with ironic and jestful tones but a serious undercurrent, "If the universe is so old then why did God make it appear to be so young?"

In closing let me voice my sincere appreciation to our Lord for the "lively hope" He has granted me in just this one area of Biblical truth. The assurance of a recent creation as described in Genesis has been a great personal comfort and blessing tome. Thank you, dear Jesus, and praise be to Your holy Name.

    Paul D. Ackerman


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