INTRODUCING  the Truth to skeptics;
STRENGTHENING  the saints in their confidence in the Truth
EQUIPPING  God's people to proclaim God's Word effectively.

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The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics is a non-denominational ministry to the subcultures of intellectuals unreached by the Gospel, founded in 1991 by Sergei Golovin.
Sergei was born into an atheistic family in the Soviet Union and received a materialistic education. He graduated as a research physicist, specializing in laser optics, and completed advanced studies in geophysics. Sergei headed geophysical expeditions in Crimea, the Caucasus Mountains and on the Artic island of Spitsbergen. He has been published in scientific journals and has patented inventions in geophysics and laser optics.
During his research, Sergei came to understand that the materialistic approach does not fit reality, and that the Bible provides the only one true foundation for any kind of knowledge about the world, "for the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead" (Romans 1:20). By science Sergei came to the Bible, by the Bible - to Christ. Later Sergei came to the conclusion that in the post-Soviet society, where people had been indoctrinated in materialism and worshipped science for several generations, the way he came to Christ could be a very effective way to win others for Christ. With this in mind Sergei left his research activity and started the apologetic ministry. At first the ministry included arranging and delivering lectures, seminars and discussions in universities, schools and colleges on issues of science and faith and their relationship. However, in time various other forms and areas of ministry were developed.
In 1994 publishing was started. More then 100 books (that makes about one book every 50 days!) and 200 tracts on various issues of scientific, historical, moral and other types of apologetics have been published since then. The Center produces and translates video and audio materials that are broadcasted by various TV and radio companies across the former Soviet Union. Materials are distributed mostly to students, teachers and preachers.
Sergei Golovin teaches modular courses on apologetics at Christian schools, colleges and universities of Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan, and leads summer camps and family retreats. The strategic direction of the ministry is training national trainers and leaders who will train others in effective Christian persuasion.

We would very much appreciate any support that you can provide - through prayer, suggestions, money, equipment, books and materials.

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