Creation Evidence Museum
P.O. Box 309
Glen Rose, TX 76043-0309

Tel. (254) 897-3200

Located south of Ft. Worth, Texas on FM 205, just northwest of Glen Rose - MAP

The photos below are from Dr. Carl Baugh's doctoral dissertation ;
(entitled: " Academic Justification for Voluntary Inclusion of Scientific
Creation in Public Classroom curricula, Supported by Evidence that
Man and Dinosaurs were Contemporary ") - they were taken during
excavations at the Paluxy River site, Glen Rose, Texas.

(Click on the selected image thumbprints below to view each enlargement)

Grid measurements made before removing overburden of rockCareful excavation of depressions in print layerPublic access to excavations - Careful contour measurements are madeDepth contour is measured
Public access to excavations in progress is standard procedure Visiting professors are encouraged to participate and to verify resultsDinosaur being excavated, near dinosaur tracksDiscovery and excavation of a dinosaur

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