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Author Erich A. von Fange, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Statistics at Concordia University, Ann Arbor MI, where he served from 1962-1987.

After graduating from Concordia College, Seward, NE, he began his teaching career at Christian schools in San Francisco, CA, and at other Lutheran Concordia Colleges in Seward, NE; and Edmonton, Alberta. Besides his teaching, he served in various administrative positions and was a member of boards, committees, and commissions devoted to Christian higher education. His graduate degrees are from the University of Nebraska (M.A.) and the University of Alberta (Ph.D.).

His writing and lectures reflect many years of study of a biblical framework for the ancient world. He has long been absorbed in the study of ancient history, Old Testament, archaeology, geology, paleontology, and related sciences. From extensive reading, field trips and other travel, he has written and published books and papers on prehistory and ancient history, as they relate to a biblical framework.

Long ago he discovered that pastors, Christian teachers, and parents are troubled by the good questions of children as well as adults of all ages about supposed Bible/science conflicts. In the early 1970s he began to write a series of papers published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly and other Christian publications. Several papers were translated into Portuguese and are circulating among Christians in Brazil. Over the past three decades his Surprises in Genesis lectures have been presented to Elderhostel and many other adult and youth groups.

Among his hobbies, past and present, are rockhounding, photography, travel, and chess. He was a frequent visitor to the dinosaur beds in Alberta. Trips were made to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel and elsewhere to visit important sites and for the preparation of programs on the biblical world as illuminated by archaeology. Dr. von Fange and his wife Esther currently live in Adrian MI.

     His writings include the following titles:

Time Upside Down. The ancient world was far more interesting and surprising than you can imagine, and not at all like the dull treatment it receives in the textbooks. The idea of vast periods of time is only a clumsy invention by evolutionists to try to make things happen without God. Illustrated and documented.

Helping Children Understand Genesis and the Dinosaur. One reviewer said this book is perfect for ages 10 to 100. It was written especially for pastors, teachers, and parents to help children understand how and when the dinosaur lived and died on a young, created earth.

Noah to Abram: The Turbulent Years. The fascinating true story of the early centuries after the Flood. New light is shed on the Ice Age, Stone Age, and Cave Man within a true biblical framework.

Genesis and the Dinosaur. The amazing story of the rise and fall of the dinosaur on a young created earth, and it shows the consequences of the Fall away from God! Hardly a year goes by without exciting new dinosaur finds, yet the mysteries about these strange creatures deepen. Their fossil remains form a backdrop for a biblical foundation of the rise and extinction of the dinosaur within the framework of a young, created earth. Genesis tells more about the pre-Flood world in which the dinosaur lived than is generally thought. This is an easy to read and fully documented book for adults.

In Search of the Genesis World (in preparation). The arts and sciences that treat the ancient world reveal glimpses of the same wonderful story we find briefly described in the Bible. We observe this in the study of ancient history, literature and art, archaeology, linguistics, historical geology, astronomy, paleontology, and anthropology. The explorations in this book give a true picture of the ancient world by cleansing many interesting topics of faulty and outmoded thinking that tries to ungod the unverse.

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