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Luther D. Sunderland, author of: Darwin's Enigma

LUTHER D. SUNDERLAND, B.S. (Penn State University), an aerospace engineer with the General Electric Company, was involved for 30 years with the research and development of automatic flight control systems (autopilots) for a number of aircraft such as the F-111, Boeing 757 and 767. He was elected to the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi, is an Associate Fellow in the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, authored many published articles and papers on aviation, and holds a number of patents in his field. As an avocation he spent over 20 years intensively studying the scientific evidences relating to theories on origins. He appeared frequently on radio and television and lectured over 500 times on three continents to civic organizations, state and congressional legislative committees, science teachers' organizations and many universities about this topic. He assisted the New York State Board of Regents in a study of how theories on origins could legally be taught in public schools. He is also author of the audio-visual presentation, Scientific Evidences on Origins: What Do The Fossils Say? (Also available on video from: CLP Video, P. O. Box 983, El Cajon, CA 92022).


Luther D. ("Lu") Sunderland "fought a good fight" and "kept the faith" for many years, and has finally "finished the course" (II Timothy 4:7) having gone to be with his Savior on April 16,1987, after a year-long bout with cancer.

Mr. Sunderland was known for his active fight to get creation science back into the schools of his own state, as well as many other districts in the nation, for over twenty years.

He will be remembered with great appreciation by friends everywhere.

Dr. Duane Gish, Ph.D.
Vice President of
The Institute for Creation Research

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