Darwin's Enigma
by Luther Sunderland  · ©1988  ·  PREV   NEXT


Scientific research demands that the results of its investigatory process be verifiable through repeated testing. Dramatic advances in such sciences as medicine, space, and computers are verifiably evident in our increased life span, in our pinpoint landing on the moon, and in the unerring accuracy of the electronic computer.

Researchers in the field of evolution, however, have produced no verifiable facts that would validate their theory conclusively. From time to time evolutionists have even admitted ignoring real facts and altering the theory to fit selected data. In spite of these grossly unscientific tactics, the theory of evolution continues to be presented in textbooks, encyclopedias, and research papers as if it were a proven and verifiable scientific fact.

The author of Darwin's Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems has focused the spotlight of truth on the theory of evolution, showing that the dramatic fossil evidence indicates that all life did not have a common ancestor!

There remains only the trust that those with a vested interest in the theory of evolution as currently presented in textbooks will permit an equal opportunity for all students to be exposed to all scientific evidences and to the only competitive theory of origins. Some local school boards, state school boards, scientists, and parents will be distressed at the imagined implication of "religion" in our public schools. But the theory that life abruptly appeared on earth is no more a religious absolute than the theory of evolution, for they are both axioms and neither is subject to scientific proof.

The time has come for the powers-that-be to recognize that our students at all grade levels are entitled to know both sides of the creation/evolution controversy. Luther Sunderland's book, Darwin's Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems, presents the facts from both a present day and historical perspective. This is must reading for all students, teachers, and scientists.

Genevieve S. Klein, B.S., M.A., LL.D., L.H.D. Regent Emerita, New York State Board of Regents

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