Puddle To Paradise
by B. H. Shadduck, Ph.D. 
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Section 21 - COMPROMISES

There are as many shades and blends of evolution as there are evoluters who wish to be ORIGINAL. It naturally follows that a "science" that takes any hat for a home, will flirt with religion, and some are so impressed with the word "science" that they would have the religion of Christ tag around after it.

Evolution has a creed that its shamed devotees try to hide with borrowed morals. SELFISHNESS WINS. GRATIFY EVERY APPETITE. It sounds like a devil's "AMEN"' No need to argue this, any cat fight will prove it. Tennyson said:

"Man trusted God was love indeed,
And love Creation's final law;
Tho' nature, red in tooth and claw
With raven, shrieked against his creed."
No explanation or apology that denies the displeasure of God that "the earth is filled with violence," (Gen. 6:13) can serve to cloak dripping jaws with the gentleness of Christ. Life has gone wrong; not evolved. If you can make some nice adjustment between my devil and your God that lifts your soul, be sure "flaming youth" will not. Too many boys who are told their ancestry is 99 per cent brute are making a 50 per cent average.
This logic will give loose rein to youth for a plunge, but its only answer to the prayer of age and frailty is: DIE AND GET OUT OF THE WAY.

If evolution has brought us through a million ages of swamp and jungle by saving the best killers and has given us a sense of guilt and the certainty of death and the yawning eternity, that the brutes never had, what can it offer to quiet our dread and satisfy our longing?


When the shadows deepen, evolution has nothing for YOU but death.

Cool your fever with that handful of ice.

If you think evolution was God's method, it heard no prayer and showed no mercy. When it is done with you and your little play spell is ended, will you grope in the gloom for eternal life utterly foreign to the system? How can a man who thinks he thinks hang his temporary life on a brute succession drawn out for a half billion years and then suppose that some shadow of himself will ride forth from his dead body on a dying gasp, to see without eyes, hear without ears and think without a brain?

In 20 seconds--eternal life!

I do not object to any evolutionist going to heaven if evolution will leave him a heaven to go to and give him anything to go there with. If you deny the miracle of creation, what can evolution do with a corpse?

Eternal farewells, falling tears, fading flowers, silence, night!

I know there are some who believe it pleased God to breed selfishness and brutishness into man for hundreds of millions of years and then offer him heaven if he can get it out some way. Others presume that God made man by adding a part of himself to an ape's body, but what a mess they get themselves into! An ape madonna! Since the Bible says Adam was the son of God," this is well--you name it. It presumes that evo-lution has been working some 6,000 years to improve a "son of God" made "in his image." If this supposed BLEND fell, which part of the partnership takes blame?

I have no quarrel with real or hope-so science when it knows its place. God gave man a commission to "subdue''' the earth and I rejoice that science can harness the untamed forces, but it must not censor revelation nor impose its hobbles on God. A science that claims to have evolved from lizards and lemurs ought to be more modest.

I want a religion older than I am, a God that neither man nor archangel can make his plans or do his thinking for him. The prophet cried, "Thus saith Jehovah"; Jesus said, "I spake not from myself"; of the Holy Spirit he said, "He shall not speak from himself,'' Who are these men so eager to amend the "faith once for all delivered," with a man-made message from a brain that they admit is only seven evolutionary epochs ahead of a carp?

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