Puddle To Paradise
by B. H. Shadduck, Ph.D. 
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Section 14 - BACKSLIDERS

The whale is the biggest backslider for which they offer apology, but by no means an isolated case. Common people who have heard only the evolution side of evolution, will be surprised too learn that of creatures big enough to be seen, most of them are classed as "DEGENERATES." (!)

They don't like me to tell this.

Nearly all parasites, as lice, ticks, mites, scale, and the multitude of internal "boarders" are classified by evolutionists as "degenerate." By "degenerate," they mean they have left some "higher" level. There are three well known parasites that live on a hen and many more trouble-makers inside. Even fish have lice and other parasites. Some parasites have parasites.

This is a good place to stop and think.

If evolution has done anything, the most of its work has been to make "degenerates."

I don't blame the little one celled fellows for refusing to go on a pilgrimage. Do you?

Now when you tabulate the results of evolution according to their own claims, this is what you get:

(1) Most of the living creatures remain one-cell.

(2) Transitional forms are nearly all dead.

(3) Many of the "higher'' forms ended in extinction.

(4) Of those that went with evolution and escaped extinction, most of them are degenerate.

(5) The forms from which the "degenerates" degenerated are all dead.

(6) All mammal forms are losing some of their structures.

(7) Man, the shining example of what evolution can do, is losing 180 structures and getting no new ones in their stead.

After such a showing, they would like to commence on the Bible....

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