Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events
NASA Technical Report R-277  -  July 1968
Lunar Events - 1900-1949
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Date & Time
Feature or Location;
1901 Oct 25 Marius A number of light streaks noticed on the crater floor. (Usually none are seen) Bolton Bolton 1901
1902 Aug 13, 00h50m Near Lambert (1) Brilliant starlike point; 
(2) completely round bright area, on dark side of moon's terminator, mag 3 or 4
Jones (1) Pickering 1902;
(2) Sirius 1903
1902 Oct 16 Theaetetus Cloud near Theaetetus Charbonneaux Charbonneaux 1902
1903 Mar 1 Aristarchus Intermittent light "like a little star" Rey Rey 1903
1903 Mar 3 Aristarchus Intermittent light "like a little star" Gheury Bull. Soc. Astr. France
1904 Jul 31 Plato Bright hazy object 2" diameter on crater floor Pickering Pickering 1906
1904 Oct 2, 13h00m; 16h00m Plato Total or partial obscuration of crater floor Elger, Klein, Hodge, Goodacre Goodacre 1931; Webb 1962 ed.; Green 1965
1905 Feb 19, ~19h03m Aristarchus During eclipse, bright spot shining in the dark as a little star. (Lunar eclipse) Moye Moye and Russell 1905; Fisher 1924
1905 Aug 15, ~03h39m Tycho Visible, even brilliant during eclipse Rey Sforza 1905; Fisher 1924
1906 Aug 4, ~12h58m Aristarchus Shone conspicuously during lunar eclipse Ward Ward 1906-07; Fisher 1924
1906 Mare Humorum N/A Flammarion Azevado 1962
1906 Mare Serenitatis N/A Dubois, Flammarion Azevado 1962
1906 Lichtenberg N/A Flammarion Azevado 1962
1906 Alphonsus N/A Flammarion Azevado 1962
1907 Jan 22 Plato Glow of light in part of Plato Fauth Fauth 1907
1909 Tycho False dawn Mellish Mellish 1909
1909 Mersenius Dimly lighted zone W of shadow Merlin Merlin 1909
1912 Apr 1, ~22h15m Tycho Visible like a bright spot standing out in the dark slate-gray shadow. Only Tycho was seen during the lunar eclipse LeRoy LeRoy 1912; Fisher 1924
1912 May 19 Dark side Small red glowing area noticed on shadow side of moon Valier Valier 1912
1912 May 20 Leibnitz Mts. area Glowing line of light into dark side Franks Franks obs. book
1912 Sep 25 Pico B Haze spreading from W end of crater Pickering Rawstron 1937
1913 Mar 22, ~11h57m N/A During eclipse totality, there remained visible to the NW only a luminous point not much larger than the planet Mars and of the same color (Lunar eclipse) G.Jackson Jackson 1913; Fisher 1924
1913 Jun 15 South Distinct small reddish spot Maw Webb 1962 ed.
1915 Jan 31 Littrow Seven white spots arranged like a Greek gamma Burgess Eng. Mech. Vol. 101
1915 Apr 21 S of Posidonius Noticed special occurrence S of large circle Posidonius which he took as evidence of water vapor Houdard Houdard 1917
1915 Apr 23 Clavius Narrow, straight beam of light from crater A to crater B Cook B.A.A. Mem. 1916
1915 Dec 11 Mare Crisium Particularly bright spot like star on N shore Thomas Eng. Mech. Vol.103
1916 Oct 10 Plato Pickering's craterlet No.59 involved in reddish shadow and disappeared. Usually distinctly seen under similar illumination. Maggini Sci. Amer. 1919
1917 Jan 8, ~07h45m Dionysius Point on rim of crater shone like a small star for sometime after entering the eclipse shadow (Lunar eclipse) W.F.A. Ellison Ellison 1917; Fisher 1924
1919 Nov 7, ~23h45m Tycho, vicinity Long ray in direction of Longomontanus remained visible glowing in weak gray-green light during whole eclipse (until clouds stopped observation) (Lunar eclipse) Fock Fock 1920; Fisher 1924
1920 Near Vitruvius Some peaks varied considerably in brightness Franks Wilkins and Moore 1958
1922 Nov 28 La Hire; 20 min Shadow cut through by white streak H.P. Wilkins Wilkins 1954
1927 May 12 Peirce A (Wilkins' Graham) Complete obscuration of crater H.P. Wilkins Moore 1953; Green 1965
1927 Dec 23, 22h00m Peirce A (Wilkins' Graham) Invisible H.P. Wilkins H.P. Wilkins obs. book
1931 Feb 22 Aristarchus Reddish-yellow Joulia Joulia 1931
1931 Mar 27 Tycho Central mountain gray although crater interior was in full shadow Barker Moore 1953; Green 1965
1931 Aristarchus Bluish glare Goodacre, Molesworth Goodacre 1931
1932 Apr 15, 06h57m Plato Sudden appearance of white spot like cloud Goddard and friend Pop. Astr. 1932
1933 Mar 30 Aristarchus region White Douillet Douillet 1933
1933 Sep 1 Neighbourhood of Pico, and Pico B Haze observed Rawstron Rawstron 1937
1933 Oct 1 Neighbourhood of Pico, and Pico B Haze observed Rawstron Rawstron 1937
1936 May 4 Eratosthenes Detected small bright spots on crater floor Martz Haas 1942
1936 Oct 4 Eratosthenes Many small bright spots on crater floor, some of which Martz detected, but Johnson drew bright bands in their positions Haas Haas 1942
1936 Oct 25 Eratosthenes Small bright spots on floor of crater Haas Haas 1942
1937 Feb 14 Cassini Bright spot Andrenko Azevado 1962
1937 Sep 17 Aristarchus Bright streak H.M. Johnson Haas 1942
1937 Sep 28 Riccioli Color of dark area was deep purple; next night same with vivid hue Haas Haas 1942
1937 Oct 26 Alphonsus, Herschel, and Ptolemaeus Milky floors Alter Alter 1959
1937 Dec 12 Plato Strongly marked streak of orange-brown on E wall Barker Barker 1940
1938 Jan 16-17 Plato Brownish gold-veined surface of color irregularly laid on smooth floor of crater Barker Barker 1940
1938 Feb 14 Plato Golden-brown spot on E wall very prominent, with a yellowish glow without a definite boundary spreading over floor of crater Fox Barker 1940
1939 Feb 23 Aristarchus Bright spot Andrenko Azevado 1962
1939 Mar 29, 19h00m Copernicus; 15 min Central mountain group seen distinctly as diffuse light spot. Sunrise on peaks did not begin until 22h00m Wilkins Wilkins 1954
1939 Aug 2, 00h10m Schickard Dense fog Moore Wilkins and Moore 1958; Firsoff 1962 ed., p.80
1939 Oct 19 Macrobius Floor of crater reddish-brown, a hue ordinarily absent Barcroft Haas 1942
1939 Dec 27 Aristarchus Slight bluish tinge on the still brilliant W wall Barcroft Haas 1942; Firsoff 1962 ed., p.84
1940 May 20, 20h00m Schickard Whitish obscuration; less dense than 1939 Aug 2 Moore Moore obs. book
1940 Jun 14 Plato Two hazy streaks of medium intensity, much complex detail Haas Haas 1942
1940 Jul 14 Tycho Curious faint milky-looking luminosity seen. Luminous marks in shadow were ragged-edged and irregularly shaped Haas Haas 1942
1940 Oct 19 Lichtenberg area Pronounced reddish-brown or orange color around area. Found color less marked next night, and slight by Oct 22 Barcroft Haas 1942; Strol. Astr. 1951
1940 Oct 29 Cusps Prolongation of N horn by 15 degrees Vaughan Firsoff 1962 ed., p.127
1940 Dec 2 Aristarchus Distinguished crater in dark hemisphere as a bright spot Vaughan Haas 1942
1940 Dec 9 Tycho Found some luminosity on W crater rim of W outer slope Barcroft Haas 1942
1940 Dec 25 Cusps "Each horn appeared prolonged by about 10 degrees" Haas Firsoff 1962 ed., p.127
1941 Jan 6 Arzachel Anomalous shadow Barcroft Azevado 1962; Wilkins 1954
1941 Feb 6 Conon Faint bright spot, not too definite in outline, seen on crater floor Vaughan Haas 1942
1941 Mar 6 Cusps Prolongation suspected Barcroft Firsoff 1962 ed., p.127
1941 Mar 31 Aristarchus Crater perceived by earthshine (Haas thought it must have been unusually brilliant) Barcroft Haas 1942
1941 Jul 10 Gassendi, and near Hansteen Moving luminous speck near Hansteen; estimated diameter 0.1", mag +8 (lunar meteor?) Haas Wilkins and Moore 1958, p.281; Azevado 1962
1942 Feb 2, 18h20m - 19h15m W of Kepler; 55 min Whitish glow near earthlit limb Y.W.L. Fisher Wilkins and Moore 1958, p.271
1942 Aug 26 Atlas Dark areas faded in crater Haas Haas 1965
1944 Apr 4 Hyginus N (Klein N) Much darker than usual Wilkins Moore 1953, p.144; Green 1965
1944 Aug 12, 23h00m Plato Exceptional darkness of crater floor, three light spots noted at foot of E wall. Although no light streaks were visible, there was a large and conspicuous spot near the center. Since this spot has been noted as slightly but definitely rimmed all round, Wilkins suggested that temporary dark cloud or vapor may have covered true floor up to level of rim. Wilkins Wilkins 1944
1944 Aug 31 Schickard Mist on crater floor Wilkins Wilkins and Moore 1958
1945 Oct 19, 11h23m50s Plato Bright flash on crater floor near E wall Thornton Green 1965; Thornton 1945
1945 Oct 19 Darwin Three brilliant points of light on wall Moore Wilkins 1954
1947 Jan 30 Eratosthenes Without normal shadow H. Hill Wilkins and Moore 1958
1947 Aug 28 SE of Langrenus Mountain on limb very decidedly bluish Baum Wilkins 1954
1947 Nov 30 Aristarchus Bright spots on inner W slopes Favarger Wilkins 1954
1948 Feb 17 Dawes Central peak not seen, but cleft-like marking from SW crest towards E shadow Thornton Contrib. by Moore
1948 Apr 14 N/A Prolongation of southern cusp Wilkins Wilkins 1954
1948 Apr 15 30 degrees N of Grimaldi on W limb Bright spot on earthlit W limb 30 degrees N of Grimaldi and estimated equal to a 3rd mag star Vince J.B.A.A. 1948
1948 May 20 NE of Philolaus; 15 min Red glow Baum Firsoff 1962 ed., p.82
1948 Jul 21-22 Mare Crisium; several hours Almost featureless apart from Picard, Peirce Moore Moore obs. book
1948 Jul 27 Promontorium Heraclides Blurred and misty Moore, Docherty Moore obs. book
1948 Aug 8 Dark side A small bright flash on earthlit portion ... like a bright sparkle of frost on the ground Woodward Moore 1953
1948 Aug 16 E of Picard; several hours Two areas E of Picard appeared featureless Moore J.B.A.A. 1949
1948 Oct 8 Barker's Quadrangle Nebulous white patch in place of Quadrangle Moore Moore obs. book
1948 Oct 19 Promontorium Heraclides Blurred Docherty Contrib. by Moore
1949 Feb 7, 18h00m Kepler White glow near Kepler Y.W.I. Fisher Contrib. by Moore
1949 Feb 9 Barker's Quadrangle Quadrangle not seen ... appeared misty Moore Moore obs. book
1949 Feb 10 Schroter's Valley near Cobrahead Diffuse patch of thin smoke or vapor from W side of Schroter's Valley near Cobrahead, spreading into plain; detail indistinct, hazy (surrounding area clear) Thornton Wilkins and Moore 1958, p.263
1949 Mar 3, 20h00m Barker's Quadrangle Whole area hazy Moore Moore obs. book
1949 May 1 Aristarchus Visible in earthshine, glowing suddenly as diffuse light patch Wilkins Wilkins 1954
1949 Oct 7, ~02h54m Aristarchus Abnormally bright during lunar eclipse G.Brown, Hare Contrib. by Moore
1949 Nov 3, 01h06m Aristarchus Blue glare, base inner W wall Bartlett Bartlett 1967

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