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Josephus - "Antiquities of the Jews" - Intro
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Josephus - an intriguing historical figure (circa 37-100 AD) has given us a pivotal perspective of ancient Jewish history and of life in Roman occupied Palestine, approximately one generation after the life of Jesus Christ.  As a personal friend of the (as he had correctly prophesied!, 2 years prior…) newly inaugurated Roman emperor Flavius, Josephus moved to Rome where he had unparalleled access to the best scholars and libraries of the Roman Empire, even as his own people were being beaten down, enslaved, and harshly dispersed by Roman armies.  This was the time of Masada, of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and of the rapid explosion of the early Christian church - one part Jewish, and two parts gentile.  The Western world was undergoing rapid, irreversible spiritual and philosophical changes.

Josephus - as a well trained and articulate rabbi had been commissioned to write a comprehensive "History of the Jews" for the Romans.  From the libraries of Rome (...and as a friend of the Emperor..) he had access to virtually all Western learning.  He drew upon a myriad of distinguished contemporary and past writers from around the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern world in the course of his research.  This was 2,000 years ago (and consequently then approximately 4,000 years after the Creation, as recorded in Genesis).  He mentally reached back from his own time and rationally discussed recorded Jewish history from Genesis 1:1 up until the then present.

In most instances Josephus takes a defensive and explanatory posture in relating Jewish history to his gentile readership - but this was not the case concerning the Great Flood.  When he gets to the story of Noah, the Ark, and Mt. Ararat he draws together collaborative writings from numerous non-Jewish sources.

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